Meet Flik. Independent-thinker ant. The only insect capable of throwing a kink in the food chain. After one of Flik's inventions goes terribly wrong, he embarks on a mission to help save the colony from a gang of freeloading grasshoppers in order to get back in good graces with the Queen. But when the group of "warrior bugs" that Flik recruits turns out to be a bumbling circus troupe, he must believe in himself and his inventions to save Ant Island once and for all.


The journey of A Bug’s Life started with a huge question: how to follow up Toy Story? Pixar’s wildly successful feature debut had everyone watching the studio’s next move. The filmmakers knew they couldn’t repeat themselves. They needed a story that would inspire them all over again and wanted a story best told in computer animation. They chose to make a wide-screen epic about an incredibly small world.