Taking off from Aesop’s fable "The Ant and the Grasshopper," A Bug’s Life expanded into the diverse cast of insect characters that became the flea circus. But the filmmakers realized they had too many protagonists to juggle. The story needed a single hero with an empathetic point of view. That’s when the character of Flik got promoted off the anthill.

Character Design

Voice Casting


Everyone keeps telling Flik to stop questioning tradition and be a good worker ant, but he knows that's not his lot in life. Even when the going gets tough, this resourceful but misguided ant risks everything despite some major setbacks and the prevailing perception that he's a failure.


Princess Atta

Princess Atta often seems aggravated, but you would too if you were ascending to the throne and had to deal with a mean freeloading grasshopper. It takes a few tries for Atta to realize the colony's courage and strength, and to learn to trust her instincts as a leader.



As the Queen's youngest daughter, Dot proves that size doesn't matter when it comes to being a heroine. The pint-sized princess learns to spread her wings and convinces Flik to return to save the colony.



The ant colony's miniature monarch has been around the island more than a few times and she's looking forward to retiring and letting Atta take over the throne.



A member of the circus crew, Francis is the misunderstood male ladybug. To compensate for his mistaken gender, he develops a macho attitude that can only be softened by Ant Island's young Blueberries troop.



This Bavarian caterpillar who can't stomach the idea of a battle is happiest when he's munching on food. For Heimlich, eating large doesn't guarantee a set of large wings—but he loves them just the way they are.



At first glance he looks like a menacing insect, but Dim has a heart of gold. The lovable rhino beetle appears as the ferocious star of P.T. Flea's circus act, even though he has an extremely low tolerance for pain.


Tuck & Roll

These Hungarian pill bugs don't speak a word of English, but it's no problem when they're getting shot out of a cannon or performing acrobatic routines that always end in fights.


Manny & Gypsy

Manny is a pompous praying-mantis magician who prays for the good old days when audiences responded to his act. His moth mate, Gypsy, requires all eyes on her lovely wings and helps Manny look good in their performances.



Her husbands keep dying on her, but that doesn't stop this widowed black widow spider from spinning a (sometimes) successful career as a circus performer—and unlikely "warrior bug."



Slim is an intellectual walking stick who takes his acting a bit too seriously. He often ponders his fate and wonders if he'll ever be able to break out of his circus role as the stick.


P.T. Flea

P.T.'s a blood-sucking proprietor of a run-down insect circus that features some of the lousiest acts in the history of show business. He's always trying to make the fastest and easiest buck, even if that means setting himself on fire.



He's a mean, lean eating machine and can squash an ant's head with his foot if the food's not on the offering stone. Hopper's tough exterior conceals an even tougher interior and a superior intellect.



This grasshopper with a shedding problem would rather be a stand-up comedian than Hopper's tagalong sibling. Molt also has an unintentional way of messing up his brother's plans.