Here at Pixar, artistry, creativity, and fun are overflowing! There are so many insanely gifted people that we get to collaborate with every day – so when we discover someone’s hidden talent, it’s truly inspiring.

Michael Blackmon II is a shipping and receiving clerk in the Pixar mailroom.  Four years ago, he volunteered to create the logo, posters, and flyers to get the studio hyped for Pixarpalooza, our annual music festival featuring bands under our very own roof. As Michael’s artwork started popping up on the walls in the halls, everyone wanted to know who the mastermind was behind the killer propaganda. From that point forward, his creative eye and unique twist on design officially made him our go-to artist for events and happenings on campus.

"It's incredibly uplifting to hear encouraging words from people who have helped create some of the most beloved films of all times," he said. "It's unreal."

In addition to his work on Pixarpalooza, Michael created the logos for our AIDS Walk San Francisco team and Motorama, our biannual summer car show. Most recently, he’s been designing and illustrating fun graphics and original art for our social media pages. As Chef Gusteau once said, a great artist can truly come from anywhere.