The Monster Feel

A big part of the fun in revisiting the Monsters world was figuring out what reads as “University” and finding ways to “monsterize” it. That means designing a world fit for monsters of all sizes. Architecture was created to give it that monster feel, so there are horns and teeth above the doors and windows. Even the trees have scales.

College Days



The Monsters University campus is huge, and was created to feel like there’s a new possibility around every corner, as life should feel at that age. It also contains some of the most incredible works of architecture ever made including the School of Scaring. Monumental and awe-inspiring, the School of Scaring is the centerpiece of MU.


Greek House

Each Greek House at Monsters University reflects the attitude of the fraternity or sorority members living in it. Roar Omega Roar has history, Eta Hiss Hiss is more gothic, and Jaws Theta Chi is, as sets art director Robert Kondo puts it, "as junky as possible without actually
being disgusting."


The Scare Games

The Scare Games is an annual competition between the fraternities and sororities to prove who are the scariest monsters.


Field Trip

One of the most pivotal scenes in the film is when the Oozma Kappas (OK) take a field trip, and sneak onto the premises of Monsters, Inc. Peering in through a window, they catch a glimpse of a scare floor where all of their heroes are performing actual scares. "Whether they realize it or not," says Director Dan Scanlon, "it's the first time [Mike and Sulley] start to see that they both want the same thing."