Water and Light

The filmmakers knew early on how important it would be to get the water just right for the film. Whether someone is on the reef, in the open ocean or the aquarium, the water can run more green, or more blue, depending on the sequence.

Inside the Marine Life Institute, the water actually becomes a light source. Humans tend to fall into silhouettes in the background and the water really underscores that this is a story about a fish.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reefs vibrantly colored coral and seaweed provide a fun and friendly home for Marlin, Nemo and the newest member of their family, Dory. 


The Marine Life Institute

The “Jewel of Morro Bay”—the Marine Life Institute (MLI), is a rescue and rehabilitation center and premiere aquarium.


Shipping Lanes

The Shipping Lanes are a stark and foreboding wasteland of shipwrecked vessels and shipping containers. Home to pesky hermit crabs and other creatures, the shipping lanes are filled with surprises.